Production Services

La Banda Films prides itself in offering excellent packaged Production Services. From concept development, casting, location scouting, to travel arrangements and shooting. We expertly handle all aspects of a production.

Through years of work, La Banda Films has acquired vast experience in producing TV commercials for the US and the surrounding Hispanic markets. It is currently one of the most active and prestigious production companies working in that market.

As an AICP member and US based company, we understand the standards and practices of American production. On top of that, we are locals where most production companies are tourists. We understand how to navigate the complexities of shooting abroad and how to get things done in Mexico, Argentina, and of course, the US. Our expertise and ability to get results is evidenced by our extensive client list.

La Banda Films has produced over 500 TV spots in Mexico, Argentina, and the US for clients such as Sprite, Budweiser, Axe, Clamato, Southwestern Bell, Pepto Bismol, Lowes, Nyquil, Radio Shack, Toyota, Verizon, Gain, Frosted Flakes, McDonald’s, Hershey’s, Cheerios, Walt Disney, Dannon, Kia, Kraft, Tobacco Control Center, Coca-Cola, Minute Maid, Brita, Burger King, Pepcid, Southwest Airlines, US Postal Service, Sears, Pizza Hut, California Department of Health Services, LA Leche, Clorox, Centrum, AT&T, Kool-Aid, MTV, Wells Fargo, Cingular, Ortho Evra, T-Mobile, Hellman’s, PacifiCare, Office Depot, Old Navy, Best Buy, H&R Block, Oscar Meyer, Royal Caribbean, Bush Beans, Long Johns, SBC, Dimetap, Comcast, State Farm, Home Depot, Corona, and Citibank.

Agency Producers, Creatives, and production crew members often remark that they have never been on a more friendly, relaxed and efficient set. That attention to detail in a relaxed atmosphere is exactly what we strive for, whether it is for a simple spot or for the most complex production.